English has three separate words sole, two of them closely related. Sole ‘underneath of the foot’ [14] comes via Old French sole from Vulgar Latin *sola, a descendant of Latin solea ‘sandal, sill’ (a possible relative of English sill). And this in turn was derived from Latin solum ‘ground, sole of the foot’ (a possible contributor to English soil). Sole ‘flatfish’ [14] was independently borrowed from Old French sole in 467 son the sense ‘flatfish’, a metaphorical extension based on the similarity in shape between the fish and the sole of the foot. Sole ‘only’ [14] comes via Old French soul (ancestor of modern French seul ‘only, sole’) from Latin sōlus ‘alone, single’. The origins of this are uncertain, but it may be related to the pronoun ‘oneself’, in which case it could mean etymologically ‘by oneself’. Its other contributions to English include desolate [14], soliloquy [17], solitary [14], solo [17] (via Italian), and sullen. => SILL; DESOLATE, SOLITARY, SOLO, SULLEN
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   The word for the bottom of the foot or a shoe goes back to Latin solea, 'sandal,' itself probably related to solum, 'ground.' The fish called sole gets its name from its flat elongated shape, which resembles that of such a sandal.

The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins. 2013.


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